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Make You Feel My Love

How can you feel my love?  What could I do to make you feel my love?  Can I do anything to make you feel my love?  Is love something you can feel?               

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Can you feel my love in your heart when you are so filled with hate?  Can you feel my love in spite of burning anger, your hearts' most constant companion?  Can you feel my love despite all the judgements? They were made by you, passed down unto me in all sincerity but without full conscious awareness. 

An open heart will receive all the love it requires, an empty heart will repel the love it needs to feel whole again.  The empty heart will fight to remain so, for it is a cowards' heart.  The waters of love are murky and  rocky in its depths, only the bravest of captains will attempt such a storm.

I could do great things for you, in the name of love, to make you feel my love,  But there is no real
measure of love, no tangible barometer. If you know who you are, then you will know I love you, you question me, because you doubt your ability to perceive truth.

There is a deep knowing inside of us, call it instinct, or intuition or a message from the divine.  The knowing never really leaves us but it may fade away with time if you don't respect it enough to give it nourishment.  Know yourself and you will know love when it comes knocking, you will know when it  only one of the cousins.

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