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The New Girl is a Grown Woman?

I know that you can finally vote, but have you noticed you                                                                 by
don't have the legal right to drink yet?  Teenage hormones are still coursing through those veins, a high school diploma does not change that fact.  Freedom to act as you wish, in the body of a still budding woman is very tempting, your world is opening up to you, you are invincible.  You will conquer all, beat out the best of the best, you will not make the same mistakes as your elders, for you are smarter.  You will succeed in the same game where so many have failed; when you try it for the umpteenth time since Eve was made from Adam's ribs, you will succeed, because you are that woman.  You were divinely made, all heavenly activities ceased at the exact moment of your earthly birth.  You are the perfect manifestation of woman on this earth, all men bow before you, your beauty knows no limits, you are a diva, a goddess here to bless us all with your presence.

You walk around on a cloud of confidence because you have not yet stood on your own two feet.  A girl cannot tell the difference between reality and the misguidance of her youth.  She still believes that every word her mother utters is a fact of life.  Her eyes are blind because she is dependent on another for food and shelter.  If you never leave Mommy's house how can you ever challenge her teachings?  How can you weigh and measure them, test them to see if her opinions, (because that is all they are when you are safely grown yourself) actually hold any weight in the real world.

A high school diploma and the right to vote does not mean you should cast your vote when grownups are speaking.  The wisest thing to do, would be to sit and listen to the stories and the hidden lesson behind them.  There are some things you have to learn from experience, others you can learn from second hand knowledge.  Do not confuse yourself with the grown folks, it is very tempting, but you can never truly match them for their experiences,  will always add to their edge over you.

I know I am not qualified to give you advice young lady, no judgement of yours could every truly be kind when your eyes choose to focus on me.  Still,  I encourage you to open your eyes, take a deep look inward and ask yourself how much of you is really who you are, and how much of you has changed to please the people you surround yourself with.  When you face life on your own all that will matter is what you will need to accomplish for self to make you happy.  No one should choose for you, what brings you happiness should be your ultimate goal.

Forgive those around you in the same way you have to forgive yourself.  Do this so you won't need to pretend that you are happy with being ridiculed, your true self esteem level is always visible to those who choose to see it, to those who knew you before the "new" attitude, you can shout but you can't hide how you really feel.  You may be the bully now but that is because the cruelty of others has seeped into your heart, you hurt because you want to return the favor.

The farther you stray from the person you really are, the harder the lesson life teaches you.  The easy, fast track of life is out there, you can taste it in the atmosphere.  You will be drawn in like all the women before you, you will learn in due time that we must all rise before we can fall. Your mistake stories will be uniquely yours but similar to women who walk among you.  I could tell you to relax and enjoy the ride, learn what you can and try not to judge so harshly being that your skeletons will pile up too, but you are grown so I'm sure you already know that young lady:)




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